Bombshell: The Truth Behind the “Trump-Russia Collusion” Lie (05/25/23)

Guest Cliff Kincaid joins Paul to discuss The Russian Involvement behind the alleged scam Deemed one of the “Most censored journalists in the world” Cliff Kincaid will join Paul on The Schiffer Report Thursday, May 25th at 7pm Eastern to discuss the truth behind the Trump-Russia Collusion lie. Listen in live as Paul and CliffContinue reading “Bombshell: The Truth Behind the “Trump-Russia Collusion” Lie (05/25/23)”

Upcoming: Journalist Cliff Kincaid 4/20/23 & 4/27/23

Journalist Clif Kincaid will be joining Paul on The Schiffer Report on 4/20 and 4/27 Journalist Cliff Kincaid will be joining Paul Schiffer live on air to discuss how the nation has been infiltrated by communists, from top to bottom as well as examine such issues as communists in federal agencies, military installations, and defenseContinue reading “Upcoming: Journalist Cliff Kincaid 4/20/23 & 4/27/23”

Trump and His Communist Enemies

Article by Cliff Kincaid for ​Trump and His Communist Enemies By Cliff KincaidIf you want to understand what’s happening with Trump, don’t turn to Fox News. Professor Jonathan Turley, their go-to “expert,” is the guy who made a fool of himself by delivering testimony about the dangers of “Eugene McCarthyism.” He meant Joe McCarthy. Either way,Continue reading “Trump and His Communist Enemies”