Nate Cain 5/11/23

West Virginia Republican congressional candidate Nate Cain on The Schiffer Report once more West Virginia Republican candidate for the second confession district, Nate Cain, will join Paul Schiffer on the May 11th edition of The Schiffer Report to discuss his insider knowledge on the latest Biden crime scandal as well as the growing border issueContinue reading “Nate Cain 5/11/23”

Upcoming: Journalist Cliff Kincaid 4/20/23 & 4/27/23

Journalist Clif Kincaid will be joining Paul on The Schiffer Report on 4/20 and 4/27 Journalist Cliff Kincaid will be joining Paul Schiffer live on air to discuss how the nation has been infiltrated by communists, from top to bottom as well as examine such issues as communists in federal agencies, military installations, and defenseContinue reading “Upcoming: Journalist Cliff Kincaid 4/20/23 & 4/27/23”