Past Shows


What happens when the innocent are persecuted, The persecution of the January 6th prisoners, and the non-stop attacks on Donald J. Trump. Paul Schiffer is joined by Troy Doskocil (eye witness on Jan 6th), Pastor Dave Szalay, and Tom Zawistowski to discuss the current issues surrounding the Trump trial.


It’s a full house as Pastor Dave Szalay, Vietnam Veteran Norm, and Ohio Christian Alliance’s Chris Long join host, Paul Schiffer, to discuss what Joe Biden has been up to in Israel, The upcoming Ohio Abortion Bill, and the song that’s driving liberals mad from Christian artist Natasha Owen!


Paul Schiffer dives deep into the planned destruction of America trough train derailments, factories, farms, livestock and more. This is more than just a coincidence and it’s time we wake up!


Paul is joined in studio by Pastor Dave Sazlay to break down The Jesus Revolution and what you should know before seeing it. What is going down with the Revivals in Kentucky and why the Biden administration has given power to Director of the Domestic Policy Susan Rice are just a few of the topics of tonight’s show.


Best selling author Jerome Corsi, Ph.D. joins Paul to analyze how the CIA engineered Russian collusion in order to remove President Donald Trump from office, How Obama used the CIA and FBI to aide in the defamation of General Michael Flynn, and how General Flynn used the Brady rule to expose it all.


Author of the Betrayal at Bethesda series, J.C. Hawkins, joins the program to warn about the environmental danger of the East Palestine train derailment, UFO sightings that are backed by the Federal Government, and the rise of Satanism across America.


Paul talks about the potential fall of Ukraine and its consequence due to Joe Biden’s decisions, The fall of Africa and South America to communism, and the toll last three years have taken on the nation.


Paul Schiffer welcomes guest J.C. Hawkins, Author of Betrayal at Bethesda II, to discuss the dangers of The Deepsate in their attempts to bring about the spread of communism to the US.


The Schiffer Report dives into Project Veritas’ most recent leak of a Pfizer employee claiming to have knowledge of mutations and placebos linked to the Covid-19 vaccine!


Joe Biden’s link to The CCP as told by an experienced spy, Host Paul Schiffer exposes the association between POTUS Joe Biden and The Peoples Party of China.


Paul Is joined by author J.C. Hawkins to draw the correlation between the 1983 invasion of Grenada and today’s radical left in congress.